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Casio 12 Digit Landscape Tax/Currency Calculator Black DH-12TER

£14.53 + VAT
Casios Landscape Tax and Currency Calculator features a wider more type-friendly design to increase speed of use. It also features relevant functions to calculate percentages and tax including profit margins.

Casio 12 Digit Printing Calculator Black (Compatible with 58mm printing rolls) FR620 RE

£55.87 + VAT
Heavy duty mains powered 12 digit fast printing calculator - 2.4 lines per sec with 2 colour printing. Add mode. 3 Euro conversion rates. tax calculations. 4 key memory. 3 digit comma marker. 2 constants. Rounding selector and mark-up down key.

Casio 12-Digit Cost/Sell/Margin/Tax Calculator Silver MS-120BM

£9.90 + VAT
Casios cost sell and margin calculator features a large 12-digit display to increase clarity. It also contains percentage tax and profit calculation functions.

Casio 12-Digit Display Desktop Calculator JF-120ECO

£15.20 + VAT
Casio JF-120ECO 12 digit dual powered calculator. Features percentage and tax calculation key roll-over currency conversions independent memory 3 digit comma markers rapid correction key plus/minus sign change and rounding selector.

Casio 12-Digit Landscape Basic Function Calculator White MH-12-WE-SK-UP

£6.77 + VAT
Casio's Landscape calculator features a more type-friendly design, increasing speed of use. It also features basic calculator functions as well as percentage calculation functions, and a double zero key to speed up processes.

Casio 8-Digit Currency Calculator Silver MS-80VERII

£6.76 + VAT
Casios currency calculator features currency conversion to aid transaction efficiency. It also features a clear 8-digit display to ensure clarity as well as percentage calculation functions.

Casio 8-Digit Tax and Currency Calculator Black MS-8B

£5.62 + VAT
Casio Tax and currency calculator features a large 8-digit display. It also features currency conversion as well as percentage and tax calculations

Casio Cash Register Black CASIO SE-G1

£179.80 + VAT
Casio SEG1 Cash Register. Great for small and medium size retailers. Features: antimicrobial keyboard 20 departments 120 Plus mode key easy tax programming 5 coin and 3 note compartments calculator mode and refund mode.

Casio Cash Register Black CASIO SE-S10MD

£317.34 + VAT
Casio SE-S10 Cash Register. Ideal for any retail environment. Features: drop in paper loading 20 departments easy time and date set-up easy tax programming 500 PLUs up to 5 lines for store message on receipts error correction and refund mode.

Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120D PLUS

£22.45 + VAT
Casio DJ-120TG desktop calculator with 12 digits. Features dual power. Tax calculations. Key rollover. calculation check profit margins and grand total key.

Casio Financial Calculator 12-Digit Silver FC-100V-UM

£23.96 + VAT
Financial calculator with a 4 line display. Extremely easy to use to work out interest payments debt mortgages savings etc . Also has as all normal calculator features plus Logs trig/inverse trig statistics random number generator etc

Casio Graphic Calculator FX-CG50-S-UH

£120.80 + VAT
Casio Graphic Calculator FX-CG50-S-UH

Casio HR-150RCE Printing Calculator Black HR150 RCE

£31.64 + VAT
Casio HR-150RCE Printing Calculator Black HR150 RCE

Casio MS-10B 10 Digit Desktop Calculator MS-10B-S-EC

£5.93 + VAT
Casio MS-10B 10 Digit Desktop Calculator MS-10B-S-EC. Casio 10-digit desktop calculator. Percentage Calculation including profit margin. Currency Conversions (2 conversion memories). Tax calculation. Three key memory.